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Facilities and maintenance

We are a innovative company with more than fifteen years of experience in electricity field and development ours activity in various industrial sectors. We make automatization tasks, potency and controls the industrial processes.

Ours technician personal have an excellent formation and have experience.. Is for this that we develop ours designs according to the specífic need ours customers.

We offer a broad and varied range of services:

Technical office of projects and engineering

Study of compensation for reactive energy

Technical advice

Modernization of control system

Design and execute facilities

Assembly of electrical panels

Design, integration and programmation from PLC

Design and integration from SCADA

Design of electrical diagram

Systems of structured cable, enveloping for voice and data

Systems of cabling optical fiber

Certifications of systems of cabling UTP, GTP, and optical fiber

Automatization of systems of watering control

Facilities against fire

Facilities agree with regulations ATEX

Solar energy

Climatization and ventilation

Maintenance and technical assistence

Zammar 2000 Zammar 2000 Zammar 2000

Zamar 2000 dissenya la solució de comunicacions sense fils del port de Tarragona

Zamar 2000 SL together to Euroports and the manufacturer Hirschmann have designed and distributed...

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