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Zamar 2000 dissenya la solució de comunicacions sense fils del port de Tarragona Zamar 

Zamar 2000 SL together to Euroports and the manufacturer Hirschmann have designed and distributed the wifi communications solution in external and internal plant of TPS business in Tarragona port.

The solution have five radiolinks that cover a distance of 3.500 metres giving service in the factories and offices of company in port, then expand this communications trunk for offer wifi connectivity in plants of charge and unloading.

Thanks to this solution of global coverage, the communication of plants with a principal network, will ensure the strength of communications, working in real time with servers. Stock input is provided in real-time, the generation of exit delivery notes, moreover of give service to mobile users through deployment of a network of access points, that connects field machine and the mobile users with PDA.

Is installed a backbone for communicate various locations, created with equipments BAT300 11n, that offer a data transmission rate up 300Mbps between various sites. Zamar 2000 has developed the design and distribution of this wifi project of Hirschmann, envelope the best especial solution of connectivity for this industrial environment in wireless networks. The implementation has resulted an succes thanks to the permanent consultation that between Zamar2000 and Euroports is created for optimize the configuration of project.

"Based on standardized methodologies, the application of best practices and a detailed contingency plan for each part of the project, and Zamar 2000 Euroports have developed and implemented a project plan divided into stages: specific analysis of the problem, defining solutions, testing laboratory contingency plan implementation in the production environment, performance measurement and documentation, "explains Eduard Quirós, Director IT Euroports.

The success of this project has been based on the coordination, close teamwork and technological know-how, which, in the opinion of Quirós "has overcome expectations completely while it has improved, optimized and added fault tolerance mechanisms to critical network services for the enterprise. "




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