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Zamar, experience and compromise of attitude

The Zamar 2000 company are a company of engineering and installations in Reus founded in 1997, with a consolidated road and more of fifteen years of experience in the sector of electricity in industrial ambit.

In Zamar 2000 be specialists in design , the technic direction and the legal guidance and administrative of new activities of business and installations, ever through personal service and adapted in all moment on the necessities from customers. We provide solutions in the ambit: installations and maintenance, engineering, energetic consulting and security against fire.

For develop activity with success guarantees and quality, Zamar 2000 make up team of professionals with a large experience and strong attitude of compromise with a customers.



Zamar compromised with society

Zamar 2000 is a company compromised with society, beyond quality service we offer customers, through sponsorship from local sport teams. In concrete, this season 2013/14 we sponsor the team of basketball ZAMAR 2000 Ploms-Salle Reus Senior Masculine and, earlier, we support the senior feminine team of CN Reus Ploms for several seasons. The sport encourages values we can associate with objective and values business from Zamar: work in group, attainment for objectives, responsability, etc.

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T. 977 75 03 61

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C. Romà Perpinyà Grau

Nau 5 - 43205 Reus


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